Rules and code of conduct at Complexe Desjardins

To help ensure a pleasant environment and an optimal experience for all our visitors, we invite you to read our rules and thank you for showing courtesy and respect at all times. 

•    Loitering, or the prolonged and unjustified presence of anyone, is forbidden throughout all private and public Complexe Desjardins areas, including on the premises of our merchants in the shopping mall. 

•    Smoking or vaping is prohibited inside and within 9 metres of our establishment, as per provincial law. 

•    It is forbidden to consume alcohol in the public areas of our establishment. 

•    The consumption and sale of drugs are strictly forbidden.

•    No form of verbal or physical aggression or violence will be tolerated. 

•    Noisy, bothersome and indecent behaviour will not be tolerated.

•    Canvassing and solicitation are prohibited at all times. 

•    Shoes and clothing must be worn at all times. 

•    The use of bicycles, scooters and skateboards is prohibited. 

•    Animals are not permitted inside our establishment, with the exception of authorized service animals. 

•    Complexe Desjardins’s Wi-Fi is reserved for mall guests and event participants.

•    Furniture in public areas (tables, chairs, benches, etc.) is reserved for Complexe Desjardins’s customers and guests only.